Faithful Verses

I’m working from a crossword that was dropped and ran over multiple times in a parking lot. I like to work the idea that you can create art from anything and not just a single piece but hundreds of pieces can be created and endless […]

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The Scope of Poetry

I wasn’t planning of stumbling across any FREE BOOKS today. It just happened..and It just happened that I came across a copy of  Stephen Vincent Benet’s Western Star. I am always looking for words.. for gems.. for traces of God in the Arts in poetry […]

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Wishful Thinking

Happy Sunday! Some say that ART is LIFE! So don’t be surprised when it starts to branch out into everything YOU do. I’m adding a new category to the blog it’s dedicated to FUN and the ART of living. I look forward to SHARING GENIUS […]



It’s a wonderful Saturday! and I thought I would just take a moment to say HI! For those of  you that follow my blog. I know it’s been a bit of a strange year, but what has been awesome about it is the growth and […]


Mailboxes and Magazines

Mailboxes are for magazines and short meditative walks, because bills are pretty much 100 percent online now…So everyday the mailbox stands there with the potential to serve some greater purpose…so then you might wonder.. while staring at it on your I a mailbox? Full […]