Wishful Thinking

Fun with Rebell

Happy Sunday!

Some say that ART is LIFE! So don’t be surprised when it starts to branch out into everything YOU do. I’m adding a new category to the blog it’s dedicated to FUN and the ART of living. I look forward to SHARING GENIUS ideas and having some FUN!

So  here goes! My First FUN GENIUS IDEA. 😀

I started a garden a couple months ago. Just a simple  herb garden because herbs are HARDY survivors and since I’m new to all things green I wanted to start with a sure thing or at-least something that wouldn’t die right away. I have since added some other vegetables. However, yesterday I decided to sprinkle some WISHES of various sizes in the garden. I then added some GLOW in THE DARK stars..because STARS are AWESOME.  😀

Also, I learned something about cilantro. It’s got a really short lifespan after 3-4 weeks it goes to seed and those seeds make for the seasoning Coriander. I LOVE cooking with cilantro so I’ve decided to plant some more.


❤ R.Red.

wish stones

garden pepper





3 thoughts on “Wishful Thinking”

      • Awesome!!! Manders and I will check it out this weekend(thats wed and thurs for us). So glad you chose to share with us. = >

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