The Scope of Poetry

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I wasn’t planning of stumbling across any FREE BOOKS today. It just happened..and It just happened that I came across a copy of  Stephen Vincent Benet’s Western Star. I am always looking for words.. for gems.. for traces of God in the Arts in poetry and at work in the minds of mankind.

I had never heard of Stephen Vincent Benet before so I was happy to find when I opened the spine and looked beyond the cover.

A Poet. An Amazing American Poet

I searched his life, his works.. and came across the work that popped out .. it was Young Adventure published in 1918. and then as I was reading the forward I noticed it was written by a one C. B. T.

Who was this person? I researched and discovered that the full name of the author of the foreward was Chauncey Brewster Tinker

Today was an adventure and

I must say I enjoyed his words.

❤ R.Red.




Tinker, Chauncey B. Foreword. Young Adventure, a Book of Poems. New Haven: Yale UP, 1918. N. pag. Print.

To read the work in it’s entirety Click Here




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