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Lemonade & Laughs

Hello my friends!  I would love to share this story with you. Earlier this year I discovered a NEW DREAM! As it turns out my hearts desires are not that complicated. Ha. My new dream was simple. I wanted to buy two lemon trees so […]

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It’s a wonderful Saturday! and I thought I would just take a moment to say HI! For those of  you that follow my blog. I know it’s been a bit of a strange year, but what has been awesome about it is the growth and […]


Mailboxes and Magazines

Mailboxes are for magazines and short meditative walks, because bills are pretty much 100 percent online now…So everyday the mailbox stands there with the potential to serve some greater purpose…so then you might wonder.. while staring at it on your I a mailbox? Full […]


Keep The Faith

Sometimes discouragement comes, Sometimes hopelessness likes to try and  make itself a comfy home in my heart and mind.. . last week was no doubt a difficult week for me, but you know what?! I wasn’t alone and I thank God for every single person […]