Keep The Faith


Sometimes discouragement comes, Sometimes hopelessness likes to try and  make itself a comfy home in my heart and mind.. . last week was no doubt a difficult week for me, but you know what?! I wasn’t alone and I thank God for every single person that was there to lift me up.  Genuine friends are one of God’s greatest gifts to the world, one of life’s most awesome blessings. .Last week I was discouraged but this week I  have strength enough to share some encouragement.. I’m  at a point where I can say  hey KEEP THE FAITH! Keep going! Keep CREATING! Have fun moving forward! Keep the Faith. . the more I say it the more I am filled with Hope and Joy.  The more confident I am in Gods Goodness and Love.

❤ RRed

2 thoughts on “Keep The Faith”

  1. Good things are in store for you……you shop at the right place with currency exchange of faith for strength and grace, and demand is never met by short supply. = )

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