Lemonade & Laughs

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Hello my friends! 

I would love to share this story with you. Earlier this year I discovered a NEW DREAM! As it turns out my hearts desires are not that complicated. Ha. My new dream was simple. I wanted to buy two lemon trees so that I could grow my own lemons and cut fresh lemon slices to place in my water or tea in the summertime. Dreamy. Just dreamy. 

So I researched lemon tree’s and the dwarf lemon trees are just incredibly adorable.. However, I ended up purchasing a couple of regular lemon-Meyer trees. Currently, they are both blooming and producing an amazingly intoxicating citrus fragrance. Divine. Dreamy. Yes. 

One night I was speaking with my sister on the phone and we were discussing job interview questions and also job interview nightmares. 

One of the questions that employers get a kick out of asking (to catch a fish off guard) is this.. If you could be a fruit what fruit would you be? My sister responded with a pineapple, prickly on the outside but sweet on the inside! 🙂 she is the sweetest! I can testify to that .. But this question intrigued me. What fruit would I be? I pondered this .. Exponentially, I raised oranges over apples, kiwis over mangos.. What fruit would I be? If I could be a fruit? 

The answer ? A lemon, because I would like to be liquid sunshine! That refreshed everyone around me. 🙂

Lemons are yellow, cheerful, happy. I would love to be a lemon  ðŸ’›ðŸ‹ðŸ’›

Well, a few days ago I received a package from a friend and inside was a local newspaper, it was a portrait of another place and another time.

And today as I sat in the doctors office I reviewed the pages and came across this number. Dial for a bible message. It read.  Ever curious I dialed to hear the mystery message for the day. How funny it was when I called and listened to a pastors pre recorded message on lemons and lemonade. Ha! God is so funny sometimes! Sitting in the doctors office I listened to the pastor speak, life can be sour sometimes BUT

God does indeed enjoy taking the sour lemons of life and turning them into glorious and delicious lemonade. 

And even though lemons are considered sour, I would still choose to be a lemon. Just like my sister would still choose to be a pineapple even though they are prickly. The yellow fruits highlight the heights of God’s goodness. 

So what kind of fruit  do you think you would be? if you could be a fruit? Do share! 🙂 

And IF you would like to call the Number I’m including the picture I  snapped from the newspaper. The message is changed daily. I so wonder what you’ll hear 💛


Good Night & Blessings


P.S. Special Thanks to Matthew Curry, Ringleader at The Chia Pet Circus 

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