Little Love Notes

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I have fascination with secret / hidden messages. For me they are always Gods way of speaking to my spirit. Little mysterious notes of encouragement that let me know God’s got me on his mind.

Last Christmas I got together with my dear spirit sister Kristan Mikala and we decorated cardboard angel wings with cotton balls and glitter. Then we wrote each other a note for every day of the month of December.  I was traveling back and forth between Florida and Alabama and I carried my jar full of little messages with me.

{Kristan is a singer songwriter/ QUEEN OF MUSICK(click here to give her a listen ) (I’m listening to her reverb tracks as I write this post, I remember watching her play all my ghosts in my lounge chair after she had just finished writing it, its still my favorite track because it’s got an Evanescence feel to it which is I’m sure why it’s my favorite)}


there were days I skipped and leaving the house in a rush I would forget to open my little secret message for the day.

It’s now September and I still have a few I have yet to open. I guess I’m kinda saving them now and opening them in moments when I feel I need a word.

On Thursday night I opened one and read  where my friend had scribbled ..Sing along with a praise song because the Joy of the Lord is Your Strength!  that’s Nehemiah 8:10.

Funny thing is.. It’s not the first time God has given this word to me this year. Earlier this year around March, I asked the Lord to speak to me in my dreams.. and he gave me a dream .. and  in it I was leaving for work when I went to pick up my bag and leave.. ..but when I stepped out of my room I saw my bag had the word JOY on it in large bold letters. The Lord was telling me to take JOY / Pick UP Joy and carry it with you to work.

Work hasn’t been easy for me this year. I won’t get into it too much but I can say that I’ve never required more faith in my life to do what I’m doing. I’ve never been so dependent on God and I’ve never prayed so much in my life either.

The Lord gave me the message again a few months later around May. My mother was leaving town and she left me an envelope of errands and inside was also a book mark she had placed inside for me. On the book mark was NEHEMIAH 8:10. I broke into tears. I felt like a fifth grader opening my lunch at the cafeteria and finding one of my mothers love notes inside telling me to have a good day. I BAWLED MY EYES OUT.

(My dog honey has since gotten a hold of my bookmark and left her mark on it as well)



I can’t seem to create or even focus on creating if I’m not coming from a light carefree place of joy. It is a state so tied to my work and God knows it. Much of my creative process has been stifled by waves of depression and other heavy thoughts. It’s been a continual struggle and fight to keep my head in a good place.  I guess that’s why I’m getting so many reminders to help me stay focused. I’m thankful for every single timely* clue.

I’m so thankful for God’s  little secret red reminders and the song birds in my life that carry his messages into my life.





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