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If blogging is all about letting your guard down or letting your hair down or just  letting the words flow I’m not sure if I will ever be able to write a “good” blog post. I prefer to stay cryptic and mysterious than open my life up the criticism of internet trolls. . I’m just shy like that.. life is tough enough.. life is noisy enough .It’s a wonder God can hear my prayers with all this noise down here. (I’m thankful he can) .you know.. anyone who knows anything of day to day struggles, challenges, demands..can understand. I’m sure.

but in an attempt to write more posts and make this site an actual “blog” or whatever. Here I am.

The show Ally McBeal was popular around 1999/2001. I  was just graduating high school at the time at 18 years old. I could not relate to this show at all. It annoyed me and when people around me were going crazy for it I could remember meeting their remarks with an eye roll announcing I don’t care and can we just talk about something else? Sweet.

Now lets fast forward its 2016 and I’m 34 years old. I subscribe to netflix out of economy. I don’t want to pay 150 dollars for cable and internet. I’m not about that life. Although, I miss watching local weather dearly.. I’m going the way of Dave Ramsey .. I cancelled cable many moons ago. So netflix… It’s easy for me to spend 30 minutes just scrolling to find something, most nights I give up after fifteen and do something else. Cable is a distraction and without it I have one more creative motivator to keep me focused on creating art. Right?

However,  earlier this year I added Ally McBeal to my list.. and now it has become #sorelatable. I love you now ally! at 34. I finally get it. I can finally appreciate all that is Ally McBeal. The awkward dates, the struggles of coping with overwhelming long term loneliness, the biological clock count down, tick. tick. Hey, if you don’t have kids soon that window is going to be CLOSED and you’ll be having menopause moments before you know it! Yikes.

well it only took 15 years but thanks Ally! this show has practically become therapeutic to me. It’s hilarious. It’s life changing.  and now my days don’t seem complete without listening to Barry White. At least once a week.

It only took 15 years, but hey  we finally got it together didn’t we ❤ 😀








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