Sweet Tea

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Sweet tea is a title that came to me several months after writing this piece. It’s an easy enough association to make as Sweet Tea and South have been long time friends. I wrote this while reflecting on the green and blue  beauty of the Alabama country side. And as a poet I was also reflecting on all the energy and agony that goes into writing a piece. It’s like the whole of a person being purged through a strainer and pressed into a mosaic of stained glass.

❤ RR

One thought on “Sweet Tea”

  1. I dig the poem and really like the write up. I always enjoy walking through your Cathedral. =>
    https://youtu.be/6vUay-lOjFk This song popped into my head from the title. There are many things amuck here though. At least two of these guys are from British, not Californian. I hate lemon in my tea! Either have lemonade or tea – don’t try to mix them. If you can get past that, Glenn Hughe’s little screeches, and a silly girl that doesn’t know how to make good tea or drink from a spoon; well, its a catchy hook with a killer bass line.

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