It’s Pink

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I did start working on some side projects I could at-least share those with you!!

I recently attended a cardboard art festival and it really inspired me. The other thing that inspired me was a tiny discovery at Walgreens. Friendship bracelets called trrtlz.

Friendship is one of the greatest gifts on Gods green earth as far as I’m concerned… But anyways these bracelets bring people together and inspire friends to share in each others adventures. If you have twitter check out #shareyouradventure some really cool stuff will come up…

These two things inspired me to start working on something to submit to next years art festival. I had an epiphany then preceded to get really carried away.

I’m not finished but here are some of my results. Cardboard makes for an excellent canvas and medium because its cheap. I’m making more abstract art then ever before! Using duct tape, which is way more economical compared to acrylic paints. I can produce a large body of work using very little. It’s great!!

Here are some pictures :





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