Home sweet home

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This is my other side project!
It started while I was writing a letter to a friend I was trying to inspire her to use the color orange to create some new art for spring.

I thought about oranges and mangos. I thought about living in Florida and oranges being delicious. Then the IDEA came to me. How could I “Represent home life as an orange slice”.

Here were my thoughts during the process …
1. Break the rules upgrade to a cooler canvas
2. I wanted to make the most of my past failures.. That’s why I used the old sketch paper.
3. The paint can openers represent keys. One of the keys symbolizes cluelessness which I think is essential to creativity.
4.Each panel / is a door / like an orange has many slices so each door represents a slice of home life.

That’s it so far… I’m not sure where this thing is going .. It could go anywhere … But I’m super excited about what could happen! And what other projects it could lead to.
❤ RR









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