It was a shadowy simplicity which I  sought after  and hopefully, captured here. Also, there is something of Wordsworth. I gladly grapple with his words in hopes of capturing some noble theme.

“I might endue, might fix in a visible home, Some portion of those phantoms of conceit, that had been floating loose about so long”

For those of you who would like to read the entire lovely work by Wordsworth I provide the following link

 Wordsword Childhood and School-Time

It is something to savor.

❤ R.Red.


6 thoughts on “SHADOWY SIMPLICITY”

    • This has become one of my FAVE of ALL FAVES! Love it! Thanks for sharing 😀 Hope the tribe is enjoying the Freedom weekend 🙂

      • Indeed. Hope you are blessed as well. Their new album is a little hit and miss; but has a couple of excellent tracks. My faves are Cybersleep and Hostage to the Light. Cheers!!! = >

      • Posted a couple on the Labyrinths site. Guessing you’ve been busy with work and such. Hope to see more art and poems from you soon. Have an awesome day. = >

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