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Virtuoso is a poem I created earlier this year. Here I have combined it over an old abstract painting from 2014. I love how paint captures the light while it is wet.

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Faithful Verses

I’m working from a crossword that was dropped and ran over multiple times in a parking lot. I like to work the idea that you can create art from anything and not just a single piece but hundreds of pieces can be created and endless […]

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God In the Universe No. 6

Anupokritos. Translation: Undisguised A real thing. This is the next installment of my God in the Universe series, which is nothing more than my own reflection upon God and  words I personally use to describe the character and love of God. Scriptural References: Romans 1:20 […]


Fragile Liquid

I am so excited about today’s delivery! it’s time to explore creative avenues “Trial” and “Test” and just see what happens. Also, on a more poetic note.. I have been enjoying the works of John Keats his Ode to Psyche.. in particular.. Here are a […]

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Reflection Of Happiness

let me just start by saying this isn’t just some regular red square. It is a bit of an experiment I started  a few months ago. If you have an instagram account you can view it in it’s entirety just explore the hashtag #EyeSeaRed. I […]



  It was a shadowy simplicity which I  sought after  and hopefully, captured here. Also, there is something of Wordsworth. I gladly grapple with his words in hopes of capturing some noble theme. “I might endue, might fix in a visible home, Some portion of […]