Hi Everyone,

I’m just checking in to say hi, it is just about to be the end of the week. I have been experiencing a bit of a shift. I started two new sites last year itsasketchyworld.com and staypoetic.com.

Last year was my first year of blogging and I had no idea what I was getting into.come to find out managing blogs requires all of the usual suspects. time, dedication, commitment, good grammar,  yada yada, and all  other adult requirements.

Overall I can say I had a vision for both sites but it was fuzzy. I have spent the past three months thinking and praying about it.So I have decided to change things up for 2014. I am going to work toward featuring my epigrams and artwork on itsasketchyworld.com. I’m pretty excited about it.

It was not until late last year that I started to experiment with creating art as a compliment to poetry.   I wanted to take a moment also to  thank all the artists who contributed to itsasketchyworld and who let me feature their work on the site.

Rebellredarts.com has served as a wonderful home base and place to just get rough drafts and new ideas out of my head. However, I am unsure as to whether I will renew it for another year. I will keep you posted.

Anyways, I’m just sharing some thoughts.

Thank you for all your support




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