Hi everyone!

Meet Violet 🙂

I started working on this piece last week. I was just really stuck on the color violet. Did you know that there is such a thing as a violet cactus? They really do exist. Not all cacti are green ? It’s news to me. Viola is a flower, the African violet, is also a flower but it also goes by a different name sometimes.. The violet path It’s an ever winding road my friends and creative sparks sure love to fly !! Which brings me to mention the violet sabrewing humming bird. What a beautiful violet bird!! If you have never seen one I definitely recommend internet browsing for sure.

Anyways… I wrote a few versions to accompany this piece .. Here they are 🙂
Version 1:
Is hibernating
In the violins
Harping hesitant
At the ever rushing

Version 1 = possible continuation or possible deletion
It’s springtime
But she’ll not come out
Preferring the warm refuge
Of strings messing about
It’s easier to listen
Then it is to play
Peeling at her petals
Is no way to spend
The day, per se.

Version personal fave that made me want to scratch out pretty much everything above

Violet is hibernating
In the vegetables
Vehemently versing
In vegan ease
On How to trip the vicious viper
With Victorian

I also originally wanted to title this one “staying INN” but now that title has given birth to something else entirely

Blessings and thanks for reading 🙂




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