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I started using twitter about a year ago.. I can say it’s been interesting.. and If I follow  your blog chances are I’ve shared your works via twitter..because that’s how news seems to travel these days.

We all want to KNOW and BE KNOWN. Am I right? I do try to be as SHARE CENTRIC as possible. If I didn’t share your work, I’m super sorry,  Leave me a comment and I will be more than happy to oblige! 😀

okay now.. back to my random social media thoughts.. I liken social media to an abyss. An abyss found on an even larger abyss known as the internet.

I don’t know about you but I  feel the need for  a serious flash light.So I’m thinking about  investing in a few classes. I’m definitely putting that on the to-do list for 2014. After all, even God says get understanding..that’s a proverb. 4:7 “Though it cost all you have, get understanding.” I understand that without understanding I’m a  mixture of  50% #lost and 50%  #clueless. That can’t be good.

A personal note about twitter and wordpress… I linked my wordpress account to my twitter account….long ago. I know many of you that  have done this too. One of the things that is great about this feature is that every time a post is made it auto posts to your twitter feed and all of your followers see it. 

Here’s what I don’t like. a post is made to the twitter feed, with a wp. link. I have found that I have next to no time for this link.

Why is that? well I find downloading and viewing on a mobile slow and I view most things via MOBILE. . so If I’m going to  click your wp. link and wait for it to load ..etc. everyday. I have to REALLY LOVE YOU AND YOUR WORK ALOT.

Also, because of this..I have decided to change the way I post work to my feed. I’m going to use direct images. I’m ditching the links. no one clicks on them. If they do i’m pretty sure it’s  because I made the blog post title 100%  IRRESISTIBLE.

Here is another wp pitfall.


Let’s say you make a post, it shows up in your twitter feed. “title of work .” . no hashtags. No connection to the great big audience out there..Viewing potential is #limited. If you are trying to be known, well that’s a #problem.

I created a new twitter account this year it’s (RR@EyeSeaRed) and I’m starting from scratch. I have had zero of my followers RT me. If you too have had this experience you aren’t alone.

What can be done about this? well I can all get alot more share’y make a more insane and purposeful effort to share and RT. That makes sense. I can also get more resourceful and  figure out how to use hashtags. Anyways, I thought I would just share some of my thoughts.. and ask you what are your thoughts? frustrations? 😀

 I’m  heading out  to finish one of my side projects..

Have a fantastic day!






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