I deleted all of my poetry and turned my website into a dance floor.  I’ve always loved to dance and that’s one of the reasons I picked the red block theme.It reminded me of how a dance floor lights up.

Over the past year I’ve been blessed with many comments. I’m thankful for everyone who takes the time to comment on my site! However,  I have one follower in particular that always leaves me video comments.

You can visit  his site here: http://wp.me/36osx

I decided to turn these video responses into an art form that everyone can enjoy. I like to call this art form “Poetic Rock” and I guarantee you that if you visit the site above you will find the origin of the Poetic Rock movement. 😀

For those of you that are curious as to how I came up with the numbers, they reflect various posting times.I also made a few up. Additionally, I kept  a few titles because I didn’t think the dance floor could do without them.

I hope you all enjoy the music and special thanks to the tango tribe for making this artistic venture possible.

❤ RRed

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