7 thoughts on “36”

      • Yes Ma’am!!! A favorite of ours as well. Actually evolved from an old prog rock/metal band we were big into called Savatage. They stayed on the underground circuits for years – had an “accidental” hit with an instrumental from their concept album – Dead Winter Dead (A very cool album with a cool story)……. and the rest as they say- is history!!!! When their side project TSO took off and they actually started making money at their craft – it was an easy choice. RIP – Savatage, long live TSO!!! LOL = )

      • Wow!!! That’s is awesome!! . Thanks for sharing this story. I have seen TSO live the past couple of years it’s such an awesome show. I made sure to record on my phone LOL. I’m so thankful for the works of TSO. I found another awesome song by August burns red entitled “carol of the bells” that also rocks. I’m just digging deep this year scrounge up some Rockin Christmas Jams.

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