4 thoughts on “41”

    • Excellent tune! once again could not pick a better song. and YES I enjoy a good smile, they usually make for the workings of a pleasant person. a good reminder try to pass on as many as humanly possible. God Forbid we turn into these cold machines. 😀

  1. Perspective is everything. While learning my way in a blog, and having seen events i eight decades, I find as long as I live, there are others beside me who see the world as I do. Others with less age see the world differently and assume everyone does too. Perhaps if one looks across age and gender, someone might risk a smile back. I know I would. The blog has helped me find many like minded souls who still speak to each other, such as you. Your observation is good, and accurate, but not necessarily inclusive of us all.
    Great blogging you do here, Like it :-}

    • very good points! Blogging has done the same for me, I too continue to enjoy meeting new people through blogging it’s been a fun and quite a learning experience to boot. 😀 Blessings

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